Advanced Guitar 301 Course Overview

What You’ll Learn in Advanced Guitar 301 Curriculum

This eight-week course is the third of a three course series bringing a student from never playing to know the advanced level of music and guitar. After the eight week course you will:

  1. Learn colorful “off” chords and the structure for finding your own.
  2. Know how to use a capo while maintaining the same key, regardless of it’s position.
  3. Be able to interpret and communicate chord types and how they work together to make music.
  4. Grasp the basics of the styles of fingerpicking, flatpicking, jazz, blues, and rock.
  5. Master your first three scales and learn the practicing techniques for improving in accuracy and speed.

NOTE: All songs learned are Christian hymns.

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Learn Advanced Guitar Course Package

What you’ll get:

  1. Advanced 301 Guitar Lesson DVD’s – eight sessions total!
  2. Advanced 301 Chord Drills and Songs Audio CD
  3. Advanced 301 Class Workbook

In order to become a great player, it’s crucial to learn through seeing, hearing, and writing. The workbook will be a resource you will revisit for years to come!

Course Outline

Get started with Video Links to Advanced Guitar 301 Lessons

Advanced Week 1 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Mission and Goals of Advanced 301 Guitar Course
Part 2 – Review Theory Learned in Beginner and Intermediate Courses
Part 3 – Learn to Play a Major 2 in Any Key – Example in E and New Chords F# Major and F#7add11
Part 4 – Learn 16th Note Strum Pattern
Part 5 – Chord Drills #1 – 4 Practicing F#7add11 or Major II variation
Part 6 – Learn When I Survey the Wondrous Cross song hymn with Major II chord
Part 7 – Practice Goals for Week 1 – Major II in E, 16th Note Strum Pattern, Chord Drills, and Song

Advanced Week 2 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Review and Warmup with Week 1 Chords Major 2, F# Major, F#7add11
Part 2 – How to Barre Any Chord to Find New Chord Positions
Part 3 – Learn How to Use a Capo
Part 4 – Capo Position Chart for key of D
Part 5 – Learn Rock Intervals
Part 6 – Chord Drills #1 for Capo and Drill #2 – 4 Rock Intervals
Part 7 – Practice Goals for Capo and Rock Intervals Lesson

Advanced Week 3 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Review Playing Capo D Chord in C Position Before New Lesson
Part 2 – Capo Scenario Pop Quiz Acoustic Lesson
Part 3 – Learn Jazzy Chords G Major 7, C Major 7, A minor 7, and D11
Part 4 – Jazz Emphasis Strum Pattern with ‘Silent’ and ‘Chop’ Notes
Part 5 – Chord Drills #1 – 4 for Jazzy Chords
Part 6 – Practice Goals for Jazzy Chords and Capo Week

Advanced Week 4 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Review and Warmup with Last Week’s Jazzy Chords and Strum
Part 2 – Extended Chord Types Theory Lesson
Part 3 – New Chords G7#5 and B7
Part 4 – Chord Drills #1 – 4 for New Chords G7#5 and B7
Part 5 – Practice Goals for Extended Chords Theory and New Chords G7#5 and B7

Advanced Week 5 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Review and Warmup with Week 4 Chords G7#5 and B7
Part 2 – Learn to Play G Major, Pentatonic, and Blues and E Relative Minor Scales
Part 3 – Play G Major, Pentatonic, and Blues Scales in One Position
Part 4 – Play E Minor (G Relative Minor), Minor Pentatonic, and Minor Blues Scales
Part 5 – Learn 12 Bar Blues Basics and Chords E, A, and D
Part 6 – Practice 12 Bar Blues Chord Drills #1 – 2
Part 7 – Practice Major, Pentatonic, and Blues Scales with Chord Drills #3 – 5
Part 8 – Practice Goals Improving Scale Playing and 12 Bar Blues Lesson

Advanced Week 6 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Learning to Fingerpick and Correct Finger Position
Part 2 – Learn First Three Fingerstyle Picking Patterns
Part 3 – Fingerstyle Pattern Chord Drills Practice 1 – 6
Part 4 – Learn Hymn Doxology with First Fingerstyle Pattern
Part 5 – Practice Goals for This Week’s Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Advanced Week 7 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Learn Flatpicking Technique Intro and First 3 Picking Patterns
Part 2 – Practice Chord Drills #1 – 6 with First Three Flatpicking Patterns
Part 3 – Learn Hymn Jesus Paid it All with Second Picking Pattern
Part 4 – Practice Goals for Flatpicking Lesson

Advanced Week 8 Video Lessons
Part 1 – Play Major Scales in Every Position and Soloing Basics
Part 2 – Bluegrass Country Strum and Alternate Bass Notes
Part 3 – Alternate Bass Note Strumming Pattern Chord Drills 1 – 4
Part 4 – Learn A Mighty Fortress is Our God hymn with a ‘Country’ Feel
Part 5 – Practice Goals for Scales in Any Key and Country Strum Lesson & What to Do Now That You’re Finished!