Job Challenges God without Sin

In Job 1, Job has lost most of what’s important to him after Satan was given the opportunity to cause harm to Job – as a test. We don’t understand why at this point, other than it is happening. After Job losses all his livestock and his children, his response is to tear his robe and shave his head (as is the Jewish OT custom for mourning) and then worship God.

I am thankful that worship doesn’t have to be only a happy occurrence. It does not have to be ‘hooray God you’re awesome’. It can and should at times be, God, you are sovereign, but I doubt and I question why. We can and should give God glory in the dreadful and awful times. And it is encouraging to know that God saw Job’s challenging him and said it was not a sin. I see God practically asking Job (and us) to challenge Him, to press into Him.

If find great comfort in knowing that recognizing God’s sovereignty and wrestling with God are not contradictory. That asking why and challenging Him is an appropriate part of our worship and one that He says is without sin.

Worship is An End in Itself and Repentance

I find it both interesting and pivotal in my faith, the acts of worship that I do. But how can acts truly be acts of worship with our heart’s motivation focused on something other than worship of God. I have been in search of God, or so I think, but often my heart’s motivation is something other than worship and knowing God and seeking His glory over my own. Whether that be winning the lost or seeking something for me in the Bible that I can hold on to today to have a ‘rule’ to follow to push back sin in my life. These are good things but when my ultimate motive becomes something other than giving God glory I should look into my heart.

I find repentance and worship to be very close companions, I’ll call them cousins. When I think about pushing back sin, I notice a different fight in myself as I am spending my energy on the problem and not the solution. The solution seems to lie more in observing my heart’s motivation and true acts of worship will follow. It is beneficial to know where you are weaker and prone to wander in sin, but oh how vital it is to know who and what your worship should be directed to, where and what you are ‘turning from’ implied in the word repentance. Let’s focus on our heart’s motivation and regain the heart that is necessary for the acts that we do, to give God glory and to know Him, so that our acts can be motivated by a worshipful heart.

Please check out John Piper’s podcast ‘Worship is an End in Itself’ for a review of Matthew 15:8-9 and a word from a Bible-seeker on this subject.

How Worship is Related to Going to the Bathroom

Did you know that years ago people did not eat in public places? They thought it was too barbaric. I recently read this in Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book Thou Shalt Prosper. He then went on to relate it to how our current culture sees a human using the bathroom. Sitting in Bathroom is Like WorshipWhy do we hide ourselves from others in these instances? We don’t do these acts in public because it is simply a function of the physical – disgusting – and not connecting us to the spiritual. If you think about the lack of ‘pretty’ when we’re in the act of eating? We definitely aren’t looking our best. Can anyone think of a photo they want to share of them mid bite? I’ve never really made this connection before the rabbi’s insights and find this interesting.


Rabbi Lapin then explained how extraordinary the difference between animals and humans are. How animals are simply physical creatures, ‘barbaric’. I remember my mom suggesting if we couldn’t use manners we could eat in the garage. The relationship is simple. Humans are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings where animals are simply physical. An animal doesn’t connect with much, if anything, outside of the physical. Some of the acts we do signify more of the ‘barbaric’ but even eating can be taken to a spiritual level with a submissive request to God to keep us healthy and thank the Lord for his provisions before eating.

The Spiritual Separates Us from the Barbaric

Let’s try to live in light of being spiritually capable and engage the spiritual acts that separate ourselves from the ‘barbaric’. Allow these small spiritual acts of worship reflect being made in God’s image. We are not animals, we are created by God for a purpose to be used as God’s representative to others who seek resolution in their emotion and their spirit. What an amazing opportunity to give God glory! Can any of you think of another example of how we are different from animals and set apart for a spiritual connection with God?