Carol King’s Summer Guitar Class Serves Others

Carol King has had a great year of guitar classes teaching students at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler. At the students request, Carol has offered them a Summer Songs Series so they could apply what they’ve been learning to some of their favorite contemporary Christian songs.

carol_and_students_playing_guitarAfter a few months of practicing the songs, Carol offered them an opportunity to share their newfound gifts at Hunger for Love, a gathering under the bridge in Tyler to share a meal with those less fortunate and share the love of Jesus through teaching and song.Continue Reading

Winter Guitar Classes!

Carol King, worship leader and guitar teacher, has just had her first complete semester with Ignite Guitar! She’ll be having another class at Green Acres in the Spring! Learn the guitar with your church community!

Consider giving the gift of music this Christmas! Signup to start learning the guitar!

Request info for GABC Guitar Beginner and Intermediate Classes!

Guitar Class Open Seats Fall 2013 GABC Class Fall 2013 Guitar Class

New Direction for This Blog

I want to let my current readers know about some changes happening on this blog and site. I will no longer be just posting songs and analyzing the details of them. My original intention was for the blog to be a repository of how to play songs correctly with all of the diagnosis and details for each song. But that takes way too long! I may keep doing video songs occasionally for fun but it will be without all the extra diagnosis.

This site is intended to be a support system for guitar teachers active in their worship programs, a tool to help guitarists be better but also to encourage a Biblical view of worship. So, what I will be talking about on the blog will be related to how to be a better worshipper of God and how to teach the guitar better. This, of course, still includes how to play the guitar and some fun songs will be posted too. But, this is secondary. Since this site is about supporting communities teaching their people guitar and about worship there will be some changes. One is that the curriculum videos will be moved to a subscription format. So, take advantage of the time that they are available for free because it will go away soon.

Ignite’s Website Will Be Focused Toward these Outcomes

  • Encouragement for the guitarist and worshipper to pursue excellence.
  • Exploring the Biblical view of worship and how it does or doesn’t relate to the guitar and music.
  • Challenge worship in the way it currently is understood in our corporate worship services.
  • Helping teachers be better at communicating guitar concepts and with structuring classes and lessons.
  • Helping guitarists realize that teaching someone else with this structured format:
    • Makes you a much better guitarist!
    • Provides opportunity to engage members and personally train and connect them in worship opportunities in the church.
    • Gives you more value as a member of your church’s worship program.
    • Improves your cool factor!
  • Sharing the awesome things going on in community lessons and as a result of IgniteGuitar.
  • How Ignite is impacting the world of guitar and the world of worship. It’s a slow build but cool things are happening!