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Hey everyone! Welcome to my site.

Scott performing with acoustic guitarNy name is Scott! I’ve created this site with two things in mind:

  • First, to help you learn how to play the guitar, regardless of where you are in your learning.
  • Second, if you are like me, and believe in Jesus and spend time active with your church, you may have a tendency to see worship as just a song. I like to discuss ways to grow deeper in my understanding of the biblical view of worship and hopefully live this out in my own life. Maybe it will help you along the way.

But, let’s start with the reason you are here, to become the best guitarist you can be. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and teaching for over 12 years! Learn more about my guitar and music background.

The Problem with Learning Guitar

I’ve found SO MANY guitarists or ASPIRING guitarists who get bad training or direction as they’re learning to play. As a result, many ‘guitarists’:

  • Can’t ‘practice perfectly’ because they don’t know how. Instead they have to kill old habits. (HARD TO DO!)
  • Don’t have a good understanding for becoming a musician. Most learn some chords and some songs but don’t have the foundation to create their own unique chords, use a capo, or understand chord theory.

These two problems are the reason most guitarists never develop their craft to the point that it becomes more intuitive, where they can ‘communicate’ with the instrument. I’m after this holistic understanding of the instrument, for me and for you, where it becomes not just a craft, but a skill.

The Solution to Learning Guitar

I’ve created a guitar curriculum that takes a student from never playing guitar (beginner), through intermediate steps, and to the foundation of an advanced player. You can’t master your genre/style preference until you understand the foundational building blocks and start with the correct habits!

I am giving you the best technique training and understanding of music that I learned myself, and have taught in private lessons and in group classes for many years. Infact, I was so committed to organizing and effectively communicating the best course of guitar training for my students, that I have been tweaking it in my classroom to perfection for years until it was digestible and learn-able for everyone. Repeat: This is a proven formula that has worked extremely well to teach the foundation for each level of guitar: beginner, intermediate, and advanced! It is so good and thorough, that I have taught others my method to teach on their own and THEY have told me how good the course is, to help them with their own learning gaps, and to teach their students. Don’t believe me, read other testimonials.

Why You Don’t Need My Course

You know, we have the internet. You can certainly watch a bazillion other Youtube guitar lessons. Heck, all of my courses are laid out for you in small snippets on YouTube. Yes, all of my material is available for free in smaller, 3 to 4 minute videos, right now on Youtube and each one, available through this site. But, I would bet, you will get lost, distracted, by all of the other videos you could be watching to learn what you think you need to learn, 99% of them, not really what you need. What you need is specific focus on practicing with the right techniques and methods to get to that next level of skill. You need a specific, tried and true method to follow that helps you with perfect practice and focus. This requires you to use a multi-sensory approach to help you digest the information and memorize it for your use. And, it requires your full attention. If you agree, here’s what I can offer you.

My ‘Offline’ Paid Course

Learn Beginner, Intermediate, or Beginner Foundational Guitar Courses in a step-by-step ‘offline’ paid format where you own a professional quality workbook, dvd course(s), and audio practice cd(s). Learn More.