Here’s What Others Have Said About IgniteGuitar…

Matt Robb – Minister of Instrumental Music, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, TX

“The Ignite guitar curriculum is an excellent resource for students young and old to learn to play the guitar. Scott has created a step by step method based on his teaching experience for communicating not only the basics, but some of the more challenging guitar concepts as well. I have personally seen the success of group classes within the church and believe this is one of the best ways for introducing people to playing the guitar. His curriculum is a terrific value and I highly recommend it!”

Michael Hatley – Guitarist, Writer, and Singer, Richardson, TX

“I began learning to play the guitar in 1969 off of a chord chart on the back page of the music for the church folk musical Tell It Like It Is by Ralph Carmichael (which included the song “Pass It On”). That began a lifetime of singing, writing, recording and playing. After 42 years I consider myself a fairly accomplished musician. Even so, to my surprise, before finishing the Beginner Ignite guitar instruction book I learned something new. From the first page to the last Ignite has something for the aspiring beginner who has never picked up a guitar as well as the accomplished player. By explaining the why as well as the how, guitar students of all levels receive an understanding of structure, form and theory while teaching in the simplest, easiest way I have seen. Ignite is a modern update and improvement of the Mel Bay books I grew up with.”